Part Prototyping and Custom Plastic Fabrication Services

Quick Turn-around - Pre-Production Sampling - Form, Fit and Function

Before committing to large tooling expenditures, our prototyping service allows you to find and correct design errors on the front end. Using high-tech SLA modeling or straightforward machining, let us assist you in proving out your design concepts.

If fast turn-around is an issue, SLA models can usually be made in one to two days. Where more than one or two prototypes are necessary, we can produce RTV tools to cast multiples. Don't wait for your tooling to be completed to see the first part!
Plasticworks Inc. is a supplier of custom plastic parts utilizing various processes such as plastic injection molding, plastic extrusion,
plastic fabrication, plastic vacuum forming, low cost tooling, plastic stamping, rotational molding, blow molding and clamshell packaging.

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